Welcome to the Emergency Department at Reading Hospital.  We are hoping that this rotation will give you a chance to experience Emergency Medicine at an independent academic center with a large volume of patients.  Recently, we have been named one of the 10th busiest Emergency Departments in the United States.  Our goal is to make this rotation both enjoyable and educational for you.

Students will work directly with Emergency Medicine attending physicians in the evaluation and treatment of patients with both emergent and urgent conditions. In this large community hospital setting, students will learn the scope of emergency medicine practice, as well as the principles of evaluation and stabilization of patients with critical illnesses.

Students will also accompany paramedics on advanced life support ambulances to gain experience in pre-hospital emergency care. One day during the rotation is also spent with the trauma team in order to allow each student observe and assist in acute and post-acute trauma management. Students will also be able to participate in mock resuscitations in our state-of-the-art simulation center. Students will also attend weekly conferences during rotation.

For Students interested in applying for a fourth year rotation, please apply through AAMC VSAS- Visiting Student Application Services.